Timur Appaev
  • Keshokova st 32, Nalchik, KBR, 360000, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  • Cell: +7 9064838384
Professional Summary
Highly-skilled software development professional bringing more than 5 years in software design, development and integration. Advanced knowledge of javascript and typescript. Experience in designing both front-end and back-end. Work well under pressure and consistently meets deadlines and targets (I have five years of experience in conducting commercial negotiations). I am able to admit my mistakes.

  • Vehicle tracking and maintenance system (based on the 1C, widespread in Russia ERP system). Based on the data entered by the dispatchers, the system was planning the inspection periods, determined the need to replace batteries, tires, generated reports for the analyses.
  • Integration SAP and 1C (on the contractors side). The data exchange was ftp protocol, the 1C standard configuration was adjusted that allowed to accept contractors orders for shipment of goods for client delivery and replenishment of storefronts of stores, lay out reports on inventories and much more.
  • Automation of processes for logistics (control and planning of sales/shipments/deliveries). In the process of integrating SAP, the old systems did not work partially and the new system did not automate all processes yet, so to avoid the collapse I wrote set of VBA scripts that by raw dataset has been checking sales, forming lists of shipments and sending them to more than 50 network stores and 8 contractors (responsible for storage and delivery of goods). These programs were actively used later, after the SAP integration was completed.
  • browser extension + backend for storing statistics. NDA.
  • Customer support via telegram. Primary requirements: complete logging of all operator and customer dialogues, the inability to determine the real contact details of the customer by the operator, the rotation of operators (taking into account the working time schedule and uniform load distribution), set of analytical reports. Solution stack: MySQL (Customer’s wish), node.js/express(for admin panel), typescript. NDA.
  • seo/smm service - monitoring positions, indexer and site parser. System for monitoring the positions of the specified sites for specific searches in search engines. The regular (according to the schedule) indexing of sites and the analysis of changes. The main requirement of the customer was modularity, with the possibility of further expansion of the system and the addition of the ability to work with other search engines. Solution stack: PostgreSQL, back-end - node.js/express (hidden behind NGINX, surely), PhantomJS, front-end - react/redux, everything is written in typescript. NDA.

Work History
IT support, 03/2005 to 07/2006
Premier-R, advertising agency – Nalchik, Russia
carier start, I’d been doing a little bit everything: 3d modeling, administration, the first attempts to program.

IT support, 07/2006 to 04/2008
OAO Taxi, motor transport enterprise, passenger transportation, auto repair service – Nalchik, Russia
a bit of everything, first experience (successful) of automation of enterprise processes.

SCM specialist, 04/2008 to 10/2008
M.Video, retail chain of consumer electronics stores – Moscow, Russia
Monitoring of the work of the warehouse and the delivery service, monitoring of shipments, 1 city, 1 store

SCM manager, 10/2008 to 03/2014
M.Video Moscow, Russia
Control of the operation of warehouses and delivery services of the region, organization of monitoring of shipments, inventories. Conducting commercial negotiations, tenders. Team of 8 SCM specialists. Support for more than 50 network stores in 15 cities, interaction with 8-10 contractors.

freelancer, 03/2014 to 01/2016
upwork, skype, the vastness of the Internet

frontend developer, 01/2016 to 12/2019
Development and maintenance of extensions for browsers, participation in the Privatix Network, occasional editing of sites, this is described in detail in the projects section.

incomplete higher education, Applied Mathematics : 1997-2000
KBGU - Nalchik